Thursday, May 17, 2007

2 lbs Gone

I was down 2 lbs today! I'm so happy! I really feel good about dieting now. I don't even want to stuff myself anymore (except at night). I'm still trying to figure out if it's mindless eating or that I want that full feeling. I think it is the later.
I didn't exercise today though. I had a pretty hectic day and by dinner time I was beat! Tomorrow is grocery shopping and that's always fun because I have to go to three different stores to get the sales. I also have to drop some paper work off at my attorney's office. And my 4 year old doesn't have school on Fridays so I get to take him all these places with me. I just need to keep praying for patience. I did that today but I still lapsed back into old behaviors. I get irritated so easily. I really did try not to let everything get to me but I must admit it did. It took about 2 hours after being home to calm down. Well at least I now recognize when I'm not walking with God. That is progress!

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