Friday, May 25, 2007

Ups and Downs

Well, I don't even want to write about good days like yesterday because it seems the very next day is blah! I woke up sore from the workout I did yesterday so I knew I wasn't going to be doing any today. I got on the scale and it was up another pound! I hate that scale! And I looked on the calender and realized I didn't pay a fine for an expired inspection sticker so now my license is suspended! That's $85.00 that we definitely do not have!

I felt so good yesterday. I got things accomplished that needed to be done. Today I feel like I have just backslide into my old cruddy life. I just thank the Lord I'm not depressed! I feel like crud but I'm not in depression. Anyone who has ever been depressed knows what I'm talking about.

I've been doing a lot of research on hypothyroidism and weight loss for my new website and I believe that my medication must be very low. I mean I have been restricting calories and somewhat attempting to exercise and I cannot lose weight! I'm gaining still. That is a sure sign that my medication needs increasing. I plan to post a few of the articles after I get a chance to read them.

I was going to give up on my diet this weekend, it being Memorial Day weekend and all, but no I think I am going to stick to my program as closely as possible. I do plan on having country style pork ribs on Monday but if I don't gorge myself I should be fine. Tonight I'm having BBQ chicken and pasta salad.

I plan to enjoy this weekend no matter what!

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