Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Day 2 on my new diet. Here we go again. I lose by working a very physical job. I quit. I don't change my eating habits and become very sedentary. I gain. I have tried so many diets and diet pills I should have bought stock and I would be sitting pretty on my big fat hinney! The problem I think I have is that by the time I have gained a bunch of weight my metabolism has slowed down so much that I can't lose by just dieting. Most people don't believe this can happen. But it can. I have read studies where 20 different people are all put on the same diet and they do not all lose at the same rate.It is not just about calorie intake. it is also about how your metabolism is.But I am going to try again and I just hope I haven't waited too long since being active to get my metabolism back up.
I had been doing great all day until after dinner, I had the munchies so I ate 3 chicken tenders. Bad choice. So now I am stuffing my face with carrots. It's getting late and this is my worst time for snacking. Hopefully I can resist the siren call of the pantry.
Wish me luck. Tomorrow is another day!

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