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Can Anything Be Done About Hypothyroidism Weight Gain?

Hypothyroidism weight gain is caused by an under active thyroid. It afflicts millions of people every year. It is a result of a decrease in the production of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). The pituitary is the gland that produces this hormone. The thyroid regulates the metabolism which helps to control weight. Without TSH in inadequate amounts, weight gain occurs. Often hypothyroidism weight gain is overlooked or attributed to some other underlying ailment. During my bout with hypothyroidism, I actually gained 20 pounds in 2 months.

Although hypothyroidism is easy to treat, losing the weight is sometimes difficult. The symptoms of gaining weight are often very subtle. As a result, physicians do not look to the thyroid first as the cause of weight gain. Sometimes the weight gain is so out of control that people take drastic measures to lose weight because they don't know they have a thyroid problem.

In order to get weight gain under control, you will need to work with your doctor to develop a medication, diet and exercise plan. The three are interconnected, meaning that one will not work without the other. The good news is the symptom of weight gain is one of the most treatable afflictions of the disease. It is just a matter of finding the right medication, diet and exercise program.

When you suffer from hypothyroidism weight gain, it is possible to lead a normal life. Your doctor will order blood tests usually every month for the first six months, then after six months and at one year intervals unless there is a change. This will help to make sure that the disease is being properly controlled. So it very important to stick to your diet and exercise program and take your medication as prescribed.

I normally recommend walking for exercise and a low carb diet. Walking is a very good way to increase metabolism and distribute the use of carbohyrdate and fats that are burned for energy. A low carb diet also increases metabolism because it takes more calories to burn protein and fat then to burn carbohydrates. Increasing the metabolism is the key to losing weight caused by hypothyroidism.

It is important to notify your doctor if you experience any sudden weight gain as it could be a sign that your medication needs to be adjusted. It is important to notify your doctor if you feel that you are loosing too much weight, as this could be an indication that your medication dosage is too high. This is also very dangerous to your health.

So in looking at the whole picture hypothyroidism weight gain can be controlled. The complications associated with hypothyroidism such as high cholesterol could lead to a heart attack or stroke. So therefore be sure that to follow up on regular blood tests, take your medication as precribed and follow your diet and exercise program because weight loss is possible.
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